Accessible Coastal Walks in Britain

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“Here’s an interesting fact, wherever you are in Britain, you are never more than 75 miles away from the coast!”

Robert is a travel blogger who writes about accessible destinations. He has gathered information on several accessible coastal walks in England, Scotland, and Wales. Read on to learn about these must-see coastlines.


  • Morecambe Bay – The seafront at Morecambe bay has been renovated with accessibility in mind. Robert says, “You can walk for miles along the updated promenade, which helpfully has flat breaks in any uneven surfaces or take a pleasant stroll out into Morecambe Bay on the wheelchair friendly Stone Jetty.”
  • Bournemouth – The Bournemouth Promenade offers great accessibility for wheelchair users. In addition, Bournemouth beach is also entirely accessible with amenities like wheelchair access down to the sand, beach wheelchairs for rent, and accessible beach huts.


  • Stranraer and the Ayrshire Coast – “This beautiful coastline in south-west Scotland offer miles of wheelchair friendly paths,” shares Robert. “Once you get out into the countryside the paths become unsuitable for most, but you can still see much of the coast on the promenades and harbours.”
  • Fife Coastal Path – This area on the east coast of Scotland offers several accessible paths. Robert says the ones most suitable for wheelchair users are typically in and around the small fishing harbours and popular holiday destinations.


  • North Wales – Robert says that most of the seaside towns in North Wales are fully accessible due to them being popular places for people to visit on holiday. The promenade walk in Llandudno is one of Robert’s favorites, one he terms an accessible paradise. “A bold claim,” he says, “but after walking the full length of the promenade, pier and town, we didn’t encounter one barrier. In addition, Llandudno is not over commercialised and has maintained its Victorian charm.”
a bus circles a roundabout in Llandudno
  • Cardiff Bay – “The bay area is actually part of the Wales Coast Path,” says Robert. “As you’d expect in an area which is home to the Welsh Parliament, Millennium Centre, Dr Who Exhibition, Norwegian Church and numerous other tourist gems – it’s completely wheelchair accessible.”

So what are you waiting for? If a coastal destination is your idea of a perfect getaway, check out one of the places Robert recommends. But remember to keep this in mind: “The coastline is a living, breathing thing. It’s dynamic, shaped daily by the weather, sea, flora and fauna and of course, humans.”

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